Easter brunch has nothing on Jane Russell
Janine Kennedy
For years, Jane Russell has been serving up high-quality sausages, rasher and puddings, using only the best of Irish ingredients. Our Easter brunch recipes highlight her great work
9 March 2022 Neven
Neven Maguire: start your day the right way
It’s important to eat a good hearty and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Here are two options that are different to your usual cereal and/or toast, writes Neven Maguire.
12 January 2022 Features
A weight off her shoulders
A week before Christmas, every Weight Watchers coach employed by the Irish franchise was laid off. Amii McKeever speaks with Caraldine Nolan about her journey with it and where she is going now.
Use up those over-ripe bananas and make these freezer-friendly muffins
These banana muffins are delicious, kid-friendly and can be kept in the freezer for up to three months, writes Janine Kennedy.
4 January 2022 Recipes
The 50km Diet from Co Limerick
Undertaking the 50km diet from Co Limerick made Anne O’Donoghue re-evaluate some of her thoughts around eating locally.
24 November 2021 News
Baked oatmeal: the perfect breakfast for chilly mornings
This baked oatmeal recipe is versatile, writes Janine Kennedy. Just add in your favourite flavourings for a warm, hearty breakfast.
16 November 2021 Recipes
New short course to close the food knowledge gap for young teenagers
Airfield Estate in Dublin have launched a short course for junior cycle students. Amii McKeever caught up with head of education and research at Airfield Estate Dr Kirsty McAdoo to learn more.
29 September 2021 Education
Are politicians fair game to abuse? What about staff, or your kids or you?
If elected representatives are quarry as soon as they are elected? What happens when we can only get people to run for election that have no empathy for their constituents?
22 September 2021 Amii
Neven Maguire: the most valuable ingredient
With a variety of ways of cooking eggs, their value in the kitchen cupboard cannot be underestimated, writes Neven Maguire.
25 August 2021 Neven
Katherine O’Leary: on holidays but still farming
A holiday in Donegal proves to be utter bliss, but farming never stops as Katherine O’Leary found herself outside a big shed in Ballymena.
21 July 2021 Katherine O'Leary
Get a great start to the day with this blueberry breakfast loaf
Per portion, this loaf is low in sugar and fat and full of fibre and antioxidants and it tastes great. Janine Kennedy writes.
2 March 2021 Recipes
An indulgent lockdown brunch
It's not like you can go out to eat – so why not treat yourself to an indulgent weekend brunch? Janine Kennedy writes.
19 January 2021 Recipes