Rural towns and villages need a 'new purpose' - Irish Rural Link CEO
Rachel Donovan
Irish Rural Link is a non-profit organisation which represents over 600 community groups with a combined membership of 25,000.
27 April 2022 News
Rural public transport as crucial as broadband
A dedicated policy framework for the development of rural public transport has to be prioritised by the Government.
6 April 2022 Dealer
Time capsule a chance for our thoughts to travel
The decision to put a time capsule slot in the Census 2022 form may prove an inspired one. It may take a century to fully find out.
Department WiFi woes in Wexford
Department of Agriculture staff realised a need for the National Broadband Plan in Wexford on Monday, says the Dealer.
23 March 2022 News
Have ya any road frontage?
The more of your land that bounds a road - the famed road frontage that gives it site potential for housing development - the more it can increase the value. Or can it? Amii McKeever reports.
17 March 2022 Feature
Kilkenny community group builds own 150MB broadband network
The villages of Piltown and Fiddown close to the Kikenny-Waterford-Tipperary border make history having established an affordable community-driven broadband network.
7 March 2022 News
Broadband chief ‘confident’ 54,000 farms can have high-speed internet by 2026
The CEO of NBI has voiced his confidence in the company reaching the targets set for high-speed rural broadband within the timeframe and budget agreed.
24 February 2022 News
National Broadband Ireland coy on number of farms connected
Currently, there are 33,366 premises available to order, which means they are eligible to order services from a broadband supplier.
29 December 2021 News
More and better jobs for rural Ireland key to future
The Government’s new Rural Development Policy sets the ambition and strategy for jobs growth but action on housing, broadband and transport will be key.
24 November 2021 Agri jobs
Measures for rural Ireland in Climate Action Plan
Remote working, home retrofits, better online connectivity and enhanced rural transport systems are what’s in store for rural Ireland.
10 November 2021 News
Anaerobic digestion pilot project part of National Development Plan
The country’s regional vet labs (RVLs) are also set to receive funding under the plan for their development.
4 October 2021 News
Bank closures ‘undermining’ the rural economy – ICSA
The ICSA has criticised banks for closing branches in rural areas, a move the organisation says is damaging to communities.
22 July 2021 News