Home Farm: Critical purchasing decisions
Matt Dempsey
We are being advised to hang back before placing firm orders for the rest of our fertiliser needs.
4 January 2023 Features
Remedying the banking relationship
Farmers overwhelmingly report that they don't feel valued by banks anymore, especially if their exposure is less than six figures. The Banking Culture Board aims to change this.
1 January 2023 Management
Five steps to carrying out a mid-winter fodder budget
A fodder budget is recommended in mid-winter to determine if there is enough silage in reserve to last until turnout.
Dairy management: keeping an eye on body condition score
Milking spring-calving cows into December is a bonus, particularly with such a high milk price, but not if it’s at the expense of body condition, writes Aidan Brennan.
26 November 2022 Management
Tillage scheme a positive but leaves farmers in a quandary none the less
With many challenges impacting food production, Rachael Doak wants people to understand how much of an impact politics and war have on farming
23 November 2022 Editorial
Time to work out how much silage is currently on farm
Livestock farmers should try to work out if there is enough silage to last the winter and, if not, plan for a small third cut or take steps to reduce demand this winter.
16 August 2022 Management