Climate and environment
State to snap up more land for nature
Amy Forde
“We need [farmers] managing their land in a way that promotes nature while continuing to produce some of the best food in the world," Minister Noonan said.
20 December 2023 News
Grazing patterns of ancient Ireland can offer a ‘blueprint’ for sustainability
Cattle have been farmed in Ireland for thousands of years with their past management offering us a potential blueprint for sustainable farming today. Barry Murphy reports.
IFJ Junior: Hiding in the hay meadows... the books that bring nature to life
Shane Casey’s books are a fun and interesting way to learn about Irish wildlife and have the added benefit of being dyslexia-friendly.
Full-time farming inaccessible to most in the Burren
Full-time farming is inaccessible to most Burren livestock farmers, a local beef farmer has said.
1 November 2023 News
Burren Winterage returns for October bank holiday weekend
Farmers and their families can join a range of events as part of the Burren Winterage festival.
12 October 2023 News
IFA hustings move up a gear in Clare
The third of 16 IFA election hustings took place on Wednesday night at the Inn at Dromoland in Co Clare. Anne O’Donoghue reports.
5 October 2023 News
Caves needed to mature Irish cheddar
If the Spanish can make over €13,000/kg by sticking cheese in a cave for eight months, surely the Irish can as well.
27 September 2023 Dealer
Connecting with the consumer in County Clare
One entrepreneurial Clare couple have tapped-into consumer’s hunger for an authentic, meaningful experience of life on the land, writes Brendan Dunford.
20 September 2023 Climate and environment