Rise Series: finding resilience and gratitude while living with cancer
Maria Moynihan
As part of the “Rise” series exploring personal resilience in challenging circumstances, Maria Moynihan talks to Mairéad O’Sullivan about how she finds gratitude in every day while living with cancer.
27 April 2022 Health
Health bytes: from myths about food and cancer to antivirals for COVID-19
Want to sort myths from truth about food and cancer? Ever heard of the drugs, Wegovy and Paxlovid? Fancy volunteering to develop palliative care services? Margaret Hawkins has these Health bytes.
26 January 2022 Health
Rare cancers: look beyond the obvious
Rare cancers in the body’s network of glands may be diagnosed late because symptoms are similar to conditions like IBS. A patient support group is calling for awareness, writes Margaret Hawkins.
Want to know who should get the flu jab this winter, or where you can avail of six free counselling sessions if you are going through a difficult time? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes and more
20 October 2021 Health
BowelScreen test kit saves lives
Don’t ignore the free BowelScreen test kit that arrives in the post after you’ve turned 60. Returning this simple test could save your life. Margaret Hawkins writes
21 April 2021 Health
Men’s Sheds: a safe harbour in Passage East
Tommy Barry spent a life at sea before coming home to find sanctuary in a Men’s Shed
14 April 2021 Craft
‘Doctors differ and patients die’ – an old adage, but true
With the European Commission reviewing its promotion of meat due to its links with cancer, Amii McKeever looks at how prevention is a complete diet and lifestyle issue with balance the key.
17 February 2021 Amii
Katherine's Country: good riddance to a frightful year
When something goes wrong, try not to overthink it and allow your support network to help you. It’s ok to talk about it, writes Katherine O’Leary
30 December 2020 Katherine O'Leary
Living Life: passion for fashion
Fashion designer Helen Cody speaks to Anne O’Donoghue about making clothes from a young age, working all over the world and overcoming cancer
18 November 2020 Living Life
Early health warnings you shouldn’t ignore
COVID-19 is affecting people’s willingness to visit GPs and hospitals for check-ups and tests, but this can lead to unnecessary fatalities, writes Margaret Hawkins.
28 October 2020 Health
'Hollyblue House helps people get away from cancer for a while'
The Gort Cancer Support Centre has blossomed from two-rooms in the old tech to Hollyblue House: a detached house with space to welcome all those who need help, writes Margaret Hawkins
21 October 2020 Health
Living Life: My goodness, my Guinness
Author Emily Hourican first realised Guinness was more than just a drink in her early years. Now she has penned a book on the lives of three members of the family, writes Anne O’Donoghue
14 October 2020 Living Life