Emissions from agriculture fell by 1.2% in 2022 - CCAC
Rachel Donovan
Despite improvements in agriculture, the Climate Change Advisory Council is still concerned about Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions.
9 December 2023 Signpost Programme
How your climate actions impact your carbon footprint
In this article Tom O’Dwyer, head of the Signpost Programme at Teagasc, explains some of the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on your farm and how the action affects your carbon footprint.
3 December 2023 News
CCAC calls for protected urea stock levels to be published
Use of protected urea was well back on the levels required to achieve the ambitious target set by the sector in the climate action plan, the CCAC pointed out.
Methane inhibitors to be rolled out
A longer term project – there is still a lot of research to be done on biomethane
15 November 2023 Viewpoints
Farm input suppliers crucial on climate targets – Donnelly
The Climate Change Advisory Council chair pointed out that farmers could not spread protected urea if merchants did not stock the product.
15 November 2023 Climate and environment
Suckler breeding changes
If farmers are using the maternal index to breed replacements that will enter the suckler herd, then the Angus and Hereford will score better.
18 October 2023 Viewpoints
Marie Donnelly gives scathing review of Government's green progress
The Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council has strongly criticised the government's progress in renewable energy development and forestry
16 October 2023 News
Forestry the ‘weak link’ in Government’s climate plan - CCAC
Chair of the CCAC Marie Donnelly has hit out at Government for poor afforestation levels.
4 September 2023 News