Damien’s Diary: farmer fear in climate of misinformation
Damien O'Reilly
Some farmers are feeling under attack in this ongoing environmental debate, writes Damien O’Reilly.
24 August 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Katherine's Country: my Westlife endurance test
Westlife played Cork two weeks ago and Katherine wonders why the band cannot stick to the advertised times instead of making fans wait in the sun, writes Ciara Leahy.
24 August 2022 Damien O'Reilly
Damien O'Reilly: Munich rekindles hope in Irish athletics
Smashing week of Irish athletic performances in Munich rekindles love for the sport, writes Damien O'Reilly.
Taking action on Climate Action
Now farmers must get on with proving they can achieve climate targets, writes Damien O'Reilly.
3 August 2022 Damien O'Reilly
Katherine's Country- being kind brings so much pleasure
Katherine hosts a Kitchen Party for her soon to be daughter in law, Elaine. It’s all go in the O’Leary household in the run up to Colm and Elaine’s wedding.
27 July 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Recipe for a good show? Straight-forward with a good mix of people
The next agri-radio journalist to answer Amii McKeever's questions is Matt O'Keeffe, who hosts his farm show from seven to eight on a Thursday evening on KCLR FM
20 July 2022 Features
Katherine's Country- a ruby wedding
No matter what happened, we were and are still very happy and that is the joy of marriage writes Katherine O’Leary as she and her husband, Tim celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.
20 July 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Damien's Dairy- a family celebration
We should have no regrets and celebrate big family occasions, writes Damien O'Reilly.
29 June 2022 Damien O'Reilly
Katherine's Country- finally it rains
After several weeks of dry weather and consequently slower grass growth, the rain has finally come. Good growth and higher grass yields are just around the corner, writes Katherine O’Leary.
29 June 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Damien's Diary: a Duran Duran fan
Damien O'Reilly goes back in time to the 1980s with Duran Duran.
15 June 2022 Damien O'Reilly