Little and large leases and dairy proposition
Tommy Moyles
A pair of farms of contrasting size are new to the land leasing market in Co Meath with Raymond Potterton. The Navan-based auctioneer also has a buyer on the lookout for a large dairy farm.
20 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Personal pensions can help avoid tax traps
Pensions can be a good way to pass wealth through the generations. David Wright reports
20 September 2023 News
Half of tillage farmers to lose rented land in 2024
Tillage farmers are struggling to pay bills at the minute and it looks like the sector will lose out massively in the land rental market for the coming season.
Policies needed to safeguard tillage sector – Acorn boss
Tillage is a very carbon-efficient industry that could offset some of the carbon that is produced from the other sectors, the ASA conference heard on Thursday.
7 September 2023 News