A menu for mindfulness
Dee Laffan
Have you ever found solace in cooking dinner or baking bread? Then whet your appetite, and sharpen your skills with our top 10 classes, writes Dee Laffan.
13 March 2024 Gardening
Groundcare: patio paradise
Looking to enjoy your outdoors in style? Here are some patio options to get you started, writes Grace Hanna.
6 March 2024 Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam: 'my wife is struggling to accept my diabetes diagnosis'
A reader looks for advice, as his wife is struggling with his diabetes diagnosis.
Here come the girls
Has it been a while since you had a ladies’ day out? Here are 10 ideas for your next one.
6 March 2024 Living Life
Gardening with Gerry: “you’ll do a gardening article for us”
Writing in the Irish Farmers Journal since 1984, Gardening with Gerry is a column that has stood the test of time. Gerry Daly reflects on the change in the gardening landscape over those years.
27 December 2023 Gardening
Changes in Christmas cooking due to food costs
This year, there are a number of changes to Christmas cooking, according to research conducted by Safefood, writes Grace Hanna.
21 December 2023 News
Neven Maguire: elevate your Christmas day cooking
It’s the most important meal of the year and Neven Maguire is here to help you make it memorable.
13 December 2023 Neven
Gluten-free Christmas desserts
At Christmas time, it can be difficult to cater for all tastes, but sometimes tweaking a menu can allow everyone around the table to enjoy an after dinner treat, writes Nessa Robins.
6 December 2023 Recipes
Welcome to the Irish Country Living Christmas Food Magazine
From step-by-step instructions on how to make a traditional farmhouse to executive chef Philippe Farineau sharing his delicious French recipes, there is something for everyone, writes Dee Laffan.
29 November 2023 l2