Rise series: finding hope to cope with loss, cancer and life's challenges
Maria Moynihan
In our Rise series exploring resilience, Maria Moynihan talks to Katherine Dolphin Griffin about how she found “hope to cope” with loss, cancer and all that life has thrown her way.
25 May 2022 Money Mentor
Money Matters: marriage breakup in farming and agreeing a settlement
Marriage break ups are upsetting regardless of the reason. When there is a farm involved it can be even more concerning. Professional legal advice is essential before any decisions are.
18 May 2022 Ask Miriam
I’m struggling with my workaholic husband
Dear Miriam, my husband is a perfectionist and a workaholic and I'm really struggling.
How can I overcome my needle phobia?
Dear Miriam, I've had a life-long fear of needles; how can I overcome it?
2 March 2022 Ask Miriam