Country Sound: milestone music anniversary for Frank McCaffrey
Country singer Frank McCaffery was among the first Irish artists to recognise the demand for country music and Irish songs in English theatres, writes Michael Commins.
Country sound: Margo on the move around
There’s only one man with his finger firmly on the pulse of Irish country music and that is Michael Commins. In this month’s column, he reveals the latest happenings on the circuit.
3 April 2024 Living Life
Country Sound: Shawn Cuddy honoured in Donegal
Singer Shawn Cuddy receives a 'Civil Honour' for work with Donegal patients during the pandemic, writes Michael Commins.
Foster without Allen? Allen without Foster? Tony Allen launches solo career
After 50 years on the country music circuit, Tony Allen is striking out on his own with a solo album.
28 February 2024 Country Sound
Country Sound: songs of the heart
Irish songwriters have penned some beautiful love songs to enjoy, writes Michael Commins.
7 February 2024 Living Life
Country Sound: from sugar beet to US tours, Art has seen it all
Six decades in the business, Cork man Art Supple – a master showman – was recently back in the recording studio, writes Michael Commins.
10 January 2024 Living Life