Holiday at Home: Armagh, where spirituality meets science
Anne O'Donoghue
Armagh is the only county in Ireland Anne O’Donoghue has (potentially) never visited, and it was well worth the wait.
25 May 2022 Features
'There are perfect parents, they just haven't had any kids yet'
As a mom of five, child psychologist Catherine Hallissey knows children but supporting their parents is how she really supports her young clients. Amii McKeever reports.
4 May 2022 Features
Staycation: Limerick, you're a lady
As a Kerry native, Maria Moynihan has been neighbours with Limerick all of her life; but only recently discovered just how much the city- and county- has to offer.
Travel: exploring Virginia and Maryland
From hunting to history, Virginia and Maryland have much to offer the Irish visitor, writes Liam Clancy
27 April 2022 Features
Travel Dubai: a trip to the desert
In Dubai everything is certainly bigger, but as a holiday destination is it better? Anne O’Donoghue paid a visit to the desert and found out.
23 March 2022 Travel
Damien O’Reilly: language a stumbling block for the Irish
We are losing out by our lack of ability to speak another European language, writes Damien O’Reilly.
15 March 2022 Damien O'Reilly
Expo 2020: Ireland and the world stage
Anne O’Donoghue recently paid a visit to Expo 2020 in Dubai, but what exactly is it and what is its significance for Ireland?
15 March 2022 Travel
‘In Syria, it was the same life, playing sports and going to school’
In February, the Irish Farmers Journal and Macra na Feirme hosted a group of Afghan and Syrian refugees at Tullamore Farm. Amii McKeever went to meet them.
15 March 2022 Features
Changing a masochistic culture starts with talking about respect
Negative language and attitudes towards women, normalised through a ‘this is how it is’ attitude sees them go unchecked. Will the violence of the last week change anything?
19 January 2022 Amii