Buoyant pig prices begin to fill hole left after 2022 loses
Noel Bardon
Pig farmers are beginning to recover financially after over a year and a half of losses.
26 August 2023 News
Beef farmers turning to credit unions for farm finance
Over the first six months of the year, there was a 6% increase in the total value of loan applications applied for via Cultivate.
21 June 2023 News
48% of dairy farmers earning less than €100,000
Teagasc survey shows that dairy farm structures vary by region with 72% of the country’s dairy farms located in the south of the country.
Investment on farms down 11% after years of growth
Farm debt remained stable year on year, while 61% of farms having no farm business related debt.
14 June 2023 News
2022 an outlier for Irish dairy production
The National Farm Survey data shows that dairy farms that lease land are paying more for land than they did in 2021.
14 June 2023 News
NI farm borrowings fall to five-year low
The level of debt accrued on NI farms fell to a five-year low point in 2022, with fewer loans being applied for.
10 May 2023 Northern Ireland