Nessa Robins' heart-healthy recipes
Nessa Robins shares her heart-healthy recipes for tomato, lentil and orzo stew and overnight oats to help combat high blood pressure.
1 June 2022 Recipes
Nessa Robins' recipes to manage haemochromatosis.
Home Nurse Nessa Robins shares recipe inspiration to help manage haemochromatosis.
27 April 2022 Health
Health bytes: from myths about food and cancer to antivirals for COVID-19
Want to sort myths from truth about food and cancer? Ever heard of the drugs, Wegovy and Paxlovid? Fancy volunteering to develop palliative care services? Margaret Hawkins has these Health bytes.
Eat, sleep, work, repeat! Vicious cycle leaves no time for a healthy lifestyle
“If only I had the time, money and motivation, I would be able to change my bad habits.” Don’t change everything, change just one thing at a time is the advice from the experts. Writes Amii McKeever
20 April 2022 Amii
Strength and conditioning is as important for those 50+ as for athletes
No matter how small the progress, success breeds motivation. Exercise coach Paddy Coady shares why a holistic approach to health and exercise is important for body longevity.
20 April 2022 Features
Neven Maguire: start your day the right way
It’s important to eat a good hearty and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Here are two options that are different to your usual cereal and/or toast, writes Neven Maguire.
9 March 2022 Neven
Hope is not a strategy when it comes to our most basic need – food!
Commentary about food security, not heard in decades, is a topic of everyday conversation. Ireland was the ‘most secure’ in peacetime but how does she fair in war?
9 March 2022 Amii