Opportunities are plentiful, but employees are not
Sarah McIntosh
Results of the Irish Farmers Journal Agri Jobs survey shows that employment is up, but staff retention is proving a problem, writes Sarah McIntosh.
23 November 2022 Health
Is au pair care for seniors an option for you?
Do you or an elderly family member need some help or company at home in order to remain independent? If so, an au pair for seniors may be the answer. Margaret Hawkins reports.
23 November 2022 Amii
Your choice? ‘Long hours at high intensity’ or work-life balance?
Agri companies are adjusting to work flexibility in an effort to hold staff just as the multinationals start calling employees back in. Who is on the right path?
Reader Writes: Farm life and creameries from 1900
In this week’s reader writes, David H Moloney, describes life in the early 1900’s. To a small cohort of readers, this will evoke memories but for some younger readers, a different world.
19 October 2022 Features