Rural youth unemployment is causing concern
Sarah McIntosh
The increasing number of youths not in education, employment or training was the key takeaway from the ESRI’s conference on employment opportunities for young people, writes Sarah McIntosh.
10 May 2023 Recruitment
Agri careers: How to attract and retain employees
In the final part of our employment obligations series, head of HR and payroll services with ifac, Mary McDonagh, addresses the area of attracting and retaining employees, Sarah McIntosh writes.
3 May 2023 News
Farm employer obligations: payroll focus
In part three of our employment obligations series, Mary McDonagh looks at payroll-related areas and the importance of gross pay, writes Sarah McIntosh.
Employment law series part two: record-keeping and inspections
In part two of our employment obligation series, Mary McDonagh outlines the importance of record keeping and WRC inspections, Sarah McIntosh writes
26 April 2023 Careers
Agri Careers: ‘When the machines are out, they have to be working’
Having recently completed the CLAAS land-based engineering apprenticeship, Martin Kavanagh outlines the structure of the programme and why people should consider it as a career.
26 April 2023 Careers
Employment law series: 1. what are my obligations?
Head of human resources and payroll services at IFAC, Mary McDonagh gives an overview of essential employer obligations for farmers and SMEs in the first of our employment law series.
19 April 2023 Careers
Connecting students and industry members
With the finish line in sight, final-year students are beginning to think about life after college. Many of them had the opportunity to meet industry members at MTU Kerry and UCD.
8 March 2023 Careers
Business failure rate rising again post COVID. Is a ‘correction’ gathering pace?
Although possibly the hardest hit sector, it could also be argued that some Irish hospitality businesses were given somewhat of a lifeline by COVID-19. But what now asks Amii McKeever.
1 February 2023 Amii
Men hold the majority of senior positions in Agri-Food companies
As gender pay gap reporting comes to light for companies with over 250 employees, the agri-food sector is seeing gender inequality in hourly pay and senior positions. Sarah McIntosh writes
11 January 2023 Education