Lack of opportunity for growth major factor in agri-recruitment - FRS
Janine Kennedy
How can businesses - and entire industries - attract and retain talent in an ever-changing, diverse world of employment?
18 May 2022 Features
Legal Matters: farm worker - employee or self-employed?
Agri-solicitor Aisling Meehan responds to a reader's query regarding workers' rights for employees and self-employed people working within agricultural services
4 May 2022 Careers
Post-pandemic Ireland: where are we with remote working?
Hybrid and remote working have become normalised over the past two years, but what should the rules be now that society has reopened? Janine Kennedy writes in the first of our four-part HR series.
Working in the recruitment industry? It helps if you have a background in ag
Martin Frayne is co-founder of Irish recruitment company Protential Resources. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he chats with Ilka Denker about his career path and current recruitment
9 March 2022 Careers