Broadband plan operating ahead of schedule, Government says
Janine Kennedy
The National Broadband Plan has the potential to change the lives of the rural Irish population - but how is the rollout going? Janine Kennedy writes
15 February 2023 Features
‘We are essential’ says Christiane Lambert, COPA president
A pig farmer from the west of France leads Europe’s largest farm organisation. Madame Christiane Lambert spoke to Amii McKeever about her rise to the COPA presidency and all it entails.
7 December 2022 Sport
Kicking off the European Champions Cup
With three South African teams now in the European Rugby Champions Cup, Denis Hurley weighs up the chances of an inter-provincial final.
Damien O’Reilly: the home-base will always be in Castleknock
In conversation with Janine Kennedy, former RTÉ presenter Damien O'Reilly talks about his life, career and future working within Ireland's co-operative space in Brussels
30 November 2022 Features