Measuring success without context
Denis Hurley
Denis Hurley wonders whether lack of coverage is responsible for our relative ignorance of some less mainstream sports
24 August 2022 Features
Learning about the EU and EU agriculture at The Irish College Leuven
Founded in 1607, the Irish College in Leuven is a beacon of Irish heritage and history open to all that wish to learn. On a study tour, Amii McKeever spoke with the college CEO David Grant.
6 July 2022 Features
Passengers advised to check their rights for cancelled flights
Taking a flight can be stressful, especially when it doesn't go to plan. Passengers are advised to read up on their rights for when a flight is grounded.
An Italian man living in the Gaeltacht with fluent Irish
Andrea Palandri’s roots are very firmly in Italy and Scotland, but his branches have now reached Ireland, living in the Gaeltacht as a fluent Irish speaker, writes Anne O’Donoghue
6 April 2022 Features
When your science degree leads to something completely new
Following his interest in science has paid off for Kevin Ryan, who works with the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation, writes Ilka Denker.
6 April 2022 Careers