Desperate Farmhusband: new cows and auld tricks
When our Desperate Farmhusband needs a solution to a farming problem, he likes to go to the AFN, otherwise known as the Auld Farmers Network, for the answers he needs.
7 February 2024 Features
Desperate Farmwife: encourage your husband to celebrate ‘Palentine’s Day’ with
Farming can be a lonely profession and men aren’t always motivated to go out – so take a page out of our Desperate Farmwife’s book and encourage them to spend time with friends.
7 February 2024 Features
Margaret Leahy: never start a sentence with - 'my mother always…'
Margaret Leahy offers some sage advice: before you start whispering those sweet nothings to your other half, think about what you’re going to say first - or you might regret it.
Editorial: making it work
I'm not sure I could work with my husband but many farming couples have the working relationship figured out, writes Ciara Leahy.
7 February 2024 Editorial
Alice Doyle: from grassroots through the glass ceiling
This weekend is a celebration of Irish women and Alice Doyle is already making an impact in the IFA as the first female deputy president in the organisation’s 69-year history, writes Ciara Leahy.
31 January 2024 Features
Ask Miriam reflects on her time at Irish Country Living
Over the years, Miriam has responded to hundreds of readers’ letters as they confided their greatest worries and asked for some heartfelt advice.
27 December 2023 Features
Columnist Katherine O’Leary takes a trip down memory lane of papers
Katherine O’Leary browses through a few Irish Farmers Journals from the 90s and finds that, while some things have changed completely, much has remained the same.
27 December 2023 Living Life
Neven Maguire: 'it's been 15 years but our core values have never changed'
While the Irish Farmers Journal celebrates 75 years, Neven Maguire celebrates 15 as the food columnist for Irish Country Living.
27 December 2023 Neven
Katherine's Country: IFA hustings underway
Katherine O’Leary recently attended her local IFA hustings in Cork; expressing concern about the future of profitable farming and the leadership of the organisation.
18 October 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Desperate Farmwife: never, ever say the wrong thing at the wrong time
Do you ever feel like you’re being treated like a doormat in your own home? asks the Desperate Farmwife.
11 October 2023 Features
Katherine's Country: a big day in the farming world
Scanning the cows is a big day on the farm. The results dictate the plan for spring 2024. Katherine O'Learly writes.
20 September 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Instagram and dairying - for this Co Tipperary farmer; they're the perfect mix
Katie Gleeson divides her time between working with brands and organisations for through her popular Instagram account, being a mom and farming at home with her husband.
20 September 2023 Features