Australian sheep sector setting new production records
Darren Carty
Throughput in the latest weekly kill increased by 125,918 head to 692,682, marking the largest combined sheep and lamb slaughter on record.
31 January 2024 Management
Sheep management: hill ewe condition, liver fluke and marketing lambs.
Reports indicate body condition in hill flocks is also a concern, with a higher percentage of ewes lacking condition compared to previous years.
3 January 2024 Grass & feeding
Hill lambs gaining an average of 130g daily on forage crops
An update on the Teagasc trial exploring the potential of forage crops in hill lamb finishing systems, is throwing up some interesting results.
On trial: Clipex sheep crate impresses Westmeath store lamb finisher
Frankie Boyhan took trial of a Clipex Contractor sheep crate, with the Westmeath farmer highly impressed by the technology and labour saving.
27 December 2023 Sheep handling
December health corner – eye issues and liver fluke
Reports indicate that the change in weather and increase in supplementary feeding is giving rise to more eye-related problems, while liver fluke remains a concern.
6 December 2023 Breeding & health
UK sheepmeat production increases by 10% to 25,200t in October
While production rose significantly compared with September levels, it remains below the five-year trend and reflects slower drafting of lambs this season.
2 December 2023 Markets
NI Vet Corner: optimising performance when finishing lambs
Matthew Wright looks at some of the key issues to note when finishing store lambs.
29 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Sheep Management: SIS queries, drafting considerations and weather checks
Adherance to the sheep improvement scheme reference number is important where the aim is to maximise scheme payments.
29 November 2023 Management
The sheep clean livestock policy refresher course
Poor weather and difficult ground conditions have brought the sheep livestock policy back into the spotlight.
26 November 2023 Management
Considering winter shearing for lambs and ewes
The inclement weather is forcing earlier housing of lambs for finishing, while ewe housing dates will also undoubtedly be pulled forward.
8 November 2023 Management
Sheep Management: housing lambs for finishing and temporary fencing
It is important to keep on top of breeding progress with a typical repeat rate exceeding 15% quickly raising alarm bells.
1 November 2023 Management