Craughill barn birthday celebrations
Katherine O'Leary
A barnyard birthday is a reminder that celebration keeps us going, even in the toughest times. Katherine O'Leary writes.
30 August 2023 Features
Margaret Leahy: true friends never part
It does not matter how long it has been since you last met. Real friendships don't have to have an expiration date, writes Margaret Leahy.
Katherine's Country: I want to remember Jimmy, my friend
“I am conscious that as Jimmy’s friend, I write selfishly because I miss his encouragement and his honest and loyal friendship” writes Katherine O’Leary.
‘My friend is always running late’
Dear Miriam, my friend is always running late; but I'm running out of patience.
19 July 2023 Ask Miriam
Kate Durrant writes: The village school
The impending demolition of the local village school inspired one last walk down memory lane for its former students, writes Kate Durrant.
19 July 2023 Features
Margaret Leahy: we can WhatsApp, but there is nothing to beat being together
You can cover a lot of ground driving - and Margaret Leahy doesn't just mean the mileage! Spending time in person with friends and family is priceless.
12 July 2023 Features
Katherine's Country: surrounded by love
Katherine O’Leary realises that she is cherished by the farming and agri community that have reached out to support her through letters, cards and e-mails.
28 June 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Margaret Leahy: ‘When you have a dog, you’re never alone’
Dogs have a keen understanding of when their humans are in a time of need, writes Margaret Leahy.
10 May 2023 Features
Neven Maguire: big meals for big days
If you're planning to feed a crowd, these make-ahead recipes will help you stay organised so you can spend more time enjoying the celebrations, writes Neven Maguire.
3 May 2023 Neven