Men’s Sheds get back to business
With sheds throughout Ireland getting back to business, here are how some projects happening across the country
3 November 2021 Health
Do you really need friends? Yes but who they are depends on gender, age and need
The reasons why we make and have and keep friends varies and changes throughout different stages of our life. Psychotherapist Enda Murphy speaks about making and keeping friends in this month’s mental health feature.
15 September 2021 Education
‘Do not panic, do not worry’
Freshers’ Week; a smorgasbord of events organised with the sole purpose of introducing you to all your fellow first years, those introductions can spark a lifetime of friendship. Writes Fiona Alston
A new dance in Ann Devine’s honour
Ann Devine finds herself in a pickle as her dance-obsessed friend convinces her to break the rules
1 September 2021 Features
Dear Miriam: I didn’t get invited to my friend’s wedding
Dear Miriam, I’m annoyed I didn’t get invited to my friend’s wedding and that she told me through text
28 July 2021 Ask Miriam
Men's Sheds: life-changing experience
Joining Limavady Men’s Shed, Co Derry, turned Roy Brown's life around and now he is giving back.
2 June 2021 Craft
Sea swimming in Co Clare with Snámhaí Sásta
The catalyst for June Curtin’s Snámhaí Sásta group is unfortunately a sad one, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a very happy group of swimmers, writes Anne O’Donoghue.
26 May 2021 Features
Men’s Sheds: ‘A different kind of friendship’
TP O’Gorman of Kilbeggan Men’s Shed tells of the important role the shed play in his life after retirement
24 March 2021 Health
Dear Miriam: ‘Should I risk our friendship for romance?’
Dear Miriam, I have become close with a guy and I fancy him, but I don’t know if he wants more.
10 March 2021 Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam: ‘I fancy my best friend’
Dear Miriam, I fancy my best friend and don’t know what to do
30 December 2020 Features
We met the ancient power horses
With movement impeded due to COVID restrictions, Ray Keeley of Swords Men’s Shed, Dublin, takes a look back to last August, when they visited Balleally Shires in Lusk. It was an unforgettable day.
22 December 2020 Craft
'Whether you’re from Timbuktu or Tipperary, running is something we can all do'
Maria Moynihan meets members of The Sanctuary Runners and Sligo Global Kitchen; two projects that are building bridges between asylum seekers and refugees and the local community in rural Ireland
28 October 2020 Features