Healthbytes: from health insurance hikes to sun damage and measles
Margaret Hawkins
Keep up-to-date with developments in the world of healthcare with this month’s Healthbytes, writes Margaret Hawkins.
1 May 2024 Editorial
Editorial: every number behind the scoliosis scandal is that of a child in pain
Two young boys tell two powerful stories in this week's Irish Country Living. One is heartbreaking, the other heartwarming and our readers need to hear both, writes Ciara Leahy.
10 April 2024 News
Health special: food as medicine?
The idea of ‘food as medicine’ can include an element of pseudo-science, but research is proving that some foods do, in fact, have the power to heal, writes Janine Kennedy.
Health special: 10 tips to keep your health in check
Being proactive about looking after your health can prevent a lot of problems down the line, so it pays to be healthcare savvy with these ten tips, writes Margaret Hawkins.
10 April 2024 Health
Health: sort your balance problems to avoid a fall
Feel dizzy when you stand up? Is the fear of a fall limiting what you do and where you go? Getting vertigo issues sorted out can mean a new lease of life, writes Margaret Hawkins.
14 February 2024 Health
Insurance spikes: ‘switching policies can save you hundreds of euros’
Health insurance spikes might send the heart racing with some family plans going up by €550. However, making the switch could save you that increase, and more, writes Ciara Leahy.
17 January 2024 Consumer
Colour blindness: seeing the world through different eyes
At least one pupil in every classroom and one person on every male sports team is likely to be colour vision deficient but is there enough awareness of the challenges? asks Margaret Hawkins.
17 January 2024 Health