A weekend filled with plenty of drama
Denis Hurley
There was a glut of great hurling over the weekend, from Carlow v Offaly to Tipperary's clash against Waterford, but does the split season mean it'll all be over too soon? Denis Hurley writes
24 May 2023 Sport
Playing the GAA relegation game
With the All-Ireland coming to a close, the biggest source of jeopardy in hurling now becomes whether or not Wexford will be relegated to the Joe McDonagh cup. Denis Hurley writes
10 May 2023 Sport
Cork-Tipperary clash reminds us why we love the sport
Last Saturday's clash of the ash between Cork and Tipperary was one for the ages, and the kind that Denis Hurley has always dreamed about covering.
Time to end Dublin’s Croker bonus
Dublin will be favourites against most opponents anyway, so why should they be given any extra advantages? asks Denis Hurley.
3 May 2023 Sport
A country parish liberated: a local GAA team’s day of glory
After 135 years of trying, Ferns St Aidan’s won their first Wexford senior hurling title last August. Pat O'Toole tries to encapsulate just how much such a win can mean to a rural community.
4 January 2023 Sport
Cherishing the quiet moments in sport
While the the major finals and competitions grab the spotlight, the more quiet moments can tell us a lot about sport, writes Denis Hurley.
4 January 2023 Sport
Sport review 2022: a little bit of history repeating
Shannonsiders silence doubters as Kingdom comes, Royals rule and Ireland top the world.
21 December 2022 Sport