Bank of Ireland joins Kerry Dairy Ireland with sustainability-linked loans
Lorcan Roche Kelly
New offering provides “additional funding option”, lender says.
27 September 2023 News
Farmers ‘operating in a fog’ as derogation goalposts shift
Having no clear indication of what farming's rules will be in 10 or 15 years time leaves farm planning in a "precarious situation", according to Bank of Ireland.
20 September 2023 News
New loan funding routes available for farmers
Credit Union’s product offering was launched at the Ploughing.
Finance Ireland offering loans of up to €500,000 for dairy farmers
There continues to be high demand from dairy farmers for loans, said Finance Ireland.
20 September 2023 News
Ministers launch €500m stability and growth loan scheme
Loans open to all small and medium enterprises in Ireland, as well as farmers and fishermen.
19 September 2023 News
A competitive loan for farmers provided by people who understand farming
With two young children on the farm and plans to grow his beef enterprise, farmer Conor Kennedy recognised the need to invest in his farm…
15 September 2023 Advertisers' anouncements
New tax loans from Bank of Ireland
Strong cash flows in 2022 can mean big tax bills landing when money is tight
30 August 2023 News
Beef farmers turning to credit unions for farm finance
Over the first six months of the year, there was a 6% increase in the total value of loan applications applied for via Cultivate.
26 August 2023 News
Dairy farm investment cools as milk prices fall - PTSB
The lender recently acquired assets from Ulster Bank, which it says gives it more scale to operate in the agri-sector.
16 August 2023 News
The Credit Review Office: what if the bank says ‘no’ to your farm loan?
Initially getting turned down for a farm loan does not mean an application is dead in the water. The Credit Review Office is an option for farmers unsuccessful their first-time round.
9 August 2023 News
IFA budget submission: €300/suckler cow and €30/ewe sought
The IFA’s national council has agreed a list of proposals it will put forward for farmers ahead of October's budget.
27 July 2023 News
Thinking of going for a loan?
There are many factors to consider if you are thinking about taking out a loan. Jerry O'Neill outlines the requirements you need and who to contact.
28 June 2023 Money Mentor