Grass issues and winter feed dominate discussion
Aidan Brennan
Difficulties with grass and grazing didn’t end when the weather improved in late April and farmers are still encountering plenty of challenges, particularly around silage stocks, writes Aidan Brennan.
21 April 2024 News
Growing fodder for another farmer
There is a fodder deficit on many farms across the country. Tillage and livestock farmers could work together to fill this deficit.
20 March 2024 Fodder
Could you plant beans with your maize?
Maize is high in energy, but low in protein. This trial is looking at ways to solve this problem.
Keep an eye on costs before planting forage crops
This week’s focus is on forage crops, from maize and beet to red clover and stubble turnips. Check out varieties and costs involved in growing these crops.
20 March 2024 Fodder
Two varieties added to the 2024 maize list
The Department of Agriculture has released its uncovered forage maize recommended list for 2024.
19 March 2024 News