Health: labour of love
Margaret Hawkins
Knowing what your pain relief options are in labour – from self-help tips to available medications – can ease anxiety as your due date gets closer, writes Margaret Hawkins.
14 February 2024 Health
Health: sort your balance problems to avoid a fall
Feel dizzy when you stand up? Is the fear of a fall limiting what you do and where you go? Getting vertigo issues sorted out can mean a new lease of life, writes Margaret Hawkins.
31 January 2024 Health
Health: what’s breast for you?
Suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain or a ‘dipped headlights’ chest? Strengthening your back muscles and wearing a well-fitted bra can ease that pressure, writes Margaret Hawkins.
Healthbytes: keep informed with the latest health news
Keep up to date with developments in the world of healthcare with this month’s Healthbytes, writes Margaret Hawkins.
24 January 2024 Health
Colour blindness: seeing the world through different eyes
At least one pupil in every classroom and one person on every male sports team is likely to be colour vision deficient but is there enough awareness of the challenges? asks Margaret Hawkins.
17 January 2024 Health
Vaping: no smoke without fire? We find out the impact on young people
Vaping is now rampant among teenagers, but as of 22 December 2023, it is illegal to sell vaping products and e-cigarettes to people under18. Margaret Hawkins speaks to the experts to find out more.
10 January 2024 Health
The changing face of pharmacies
Change is afoot in the pharmacy sector with pharmacists eager to provide more services. This could save patients time, money and free up GP appointments for more serious cases.
3 January 2024 Health
Tips to ease stress and enjoy the holidays
Will you be embracing Christmas this year or enduring it? The festive season can be stressful as well as joyful so how best to navigate it?
20 December 2023 Health
Health: why are we waiting for ambulances?
When every minute seems like an hour after a loved one has taken a bad turn, the spotlight is very much on paramedic response times — particularly in rural areas, writes Margaret Hawkins.
13 December 2023 Health
Asbestos: ‘for farmers, the risk is in old machinery and older buildings
The use of asbestos as an insulator and fireproofing product was banned in 1999, but the fibrous mineral can still pose a serious cancer risk, writes Margaret Hawkins.
6 December 2023 Health
Getting vocal about shopping local
The 8th of December is traditionally known as the day farmers do their Christmas shopping. What are local towns doing to attract people to shop local, asks Margaret Hawkins.
29 November 2023 Features
Farmers need to look after their heart health
Has a doctor listened to your heart lately? A stethoscope check can disclose a lot, including information about your heart’s rhythm and the health of its valves, writes Margaret Hawkins.
15 November 2023 Health