Dear Miriam: I feel totally invisible
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This week, Miriam hears from two readers responding to recent problems published on this page.
8 June 2022 Features
Legal Matters: ‘right of wife to take children’s inheritance’
Agri solicitor Aisling Meehan answers a reader query relating to a separating couple. The wife wants to move into a house bought for a child as inheritance that is currently rented to a tenant.
25 May 2022 Money Mentor
Money Matters: marriage breakup in farming and agreeing a settlement
Marriage break ups are upsetting regardless of the reason. When there is a farm involved it can be even more concerning. Professional legal advice is essential before any decisions are.
I’m struggling with my workaholic husband
Dear Miriam, my husband is a perfectionist and a workaholic and I'm really struggling.
18 May 2022 Ask Miriam
I’ve been invited to an adult-only wedding but I’m still breastfeeding my baby
Dear Miriam, I’ve been invited to an adult-only wedding but I’m still breastfeeding my baby. What should I say when I RSVP?
11 May 2022 Ask Miriam
I feel like my marriage is now over
Dear Miriam, after over 40 years, I feel like my marriage is over; what should I do?
20 April 2022 Ask Miriam
Desperate Farmwife: the rose-tinted glasses of my youth are rusted over
Is our Desperate Farmwife a bit of an ice queen, or is she just feeling jaded by the lack of change in the lives of married mothers over the years? It’s hard to say.
2 March 2022 Features