Desperate farmhusband: a whole lotta bull
Do you think about ‘hybrid vigour’ in your day-to-day life? Our Desperate Farmhusband does (maybe a bit too much), but such is breeding season on an Irish dairy farm.
10 April 2024 Features
Desperate Farmwife: the time has come to fly the coop
For years, our Desperate Farmwife stayed home with smallies while her husband saw the world. Now, it's her turn.
27 March 2024 Ask Miriam
Ask Miriam: ‘my social media addiction is hurting my marriage’
A reader reaches out to Miriam about their addiction to social media.
Desperate Farmwife: I think nipple confusion is just my lot in life
Ever try to give a newborn calf a bottle? Our Desperate Farmwife is in the thick of calving season.
20 March 2024 Features
Ask Miriam: 'my husband left me after 30 years of marriage'
A reader reaches out to Miriam after a failed marriage leaves her shattered.
13 March 2024 Features
It's important to vote on 8 March
On Friday 8 March, the people of Ireland will vote on two separate constitutional amendments. Here, advocates on each side explain why they are in favour of, or opposed to, each referendum proposal.
28 February 2024 Editorial
Desperate Farmwife: encourage your husband to celebrate ‘Palentine’s Day’ with
Farming can be a lonely profession and men aren’t always motivated to go out – so take a page out of our Desperate Farmwife’s book and encourage them to spend time with friends.
7 February 2024 Features