Ask Miriam: "My husband is too obliging to friends and neighbours"
Ask Miriam
A readers writes to Miriam about a problem she is experiencing in her marriage - is there such a thing as being too kind and obliging?
18 October 2023 Features
Ask Miriam: "My marriage ended and now my other relationships are suffering"
Miriam responds to a reader who is living in the aftermath of an abusive relationship and a difficult divorce.
11 October 2023 Features
Desperate Farmwife: never, ever say the wrong thing at the wrong time
Do you ever feel like you’re being treated like a doormat in your own home? asks the Desperate Farmwife.
Readers Write: 'My husband is always giving hints about my size'
Miriam responds to a reader who is struggling with feelings of inadequacy regarding her size compared to her sisters-in-law.
11 October 2023 Features
'I am in a very toxic marriage'
Dear Miriam, my husband insults and belittles me, but I feel trapped in the marriage.
5 July 2023 Ask Miriam