Meet the candidates in the Ireland South constituency
Pat O'Toole
It’s a crowded field in the South constituency, so we have put questions to the prominent farming candidates across the main farming issues. Pat O’Toole reports.
8 May 2024 News
Pesticides cut divides at Gowran IFA debate
A dozen south candidates debated nitrates, nature restoration, CAP, Mercosur and pesticides in Gorwan Park.
1 May 2024 News
Nitrates dominates first election hustings
Grace O'Sullivan was the only candidate who failed to openly support the retention of the nitrates derogation next year at the IFA's European election hustings in Fermoy.
Punch takes aim at 'detached' Commission
The Clare candidate for Europe said EU officials had “become detached from the reality of life for ordinary people”.
7 April 2024 News
Opportunities and threats in EU trade deals
While an EU impact assessment on trade agreements shows that trade deals potentially benefit EU agri food overall, the meat, sugar and rice sectors are vulnerable.
26 February 2024 News
Trade commissioner claims to hear farmers 'loud and clear'
The commissioner's comments follow weeks of farmer protests across the EU on issues which include trade deals.
13 February 2024 News
The path of trade deals and environmental legislation remains fixed
The future of farming still looks like more competition and more regulation.
7 February 2024 News
Minister plays down chances of 2024 Mercosur deal
A Mercosur deal is unlikely to be finalised this year, particularly due to the divergence between EU and South American countries' standards, Minister McConalogue has said.
7 February 2024 News
Analysis: why European farmer protests will hamper Mercosur deal
European Commission president faces fight to keep Mercosur trade deal alive as she meets French president who is surrounded by tractors.
1 February 2024 Opinion
French farmers block motorways in protest
Alongside blocking roads with tractors, French farmers have sprayed manure on public buildings, dumped rotting produce and covered roads with soil.
31 January 2024 News
Mercosur deal would ‘end forever’ EU’s green goals - ICMSA
The trade commissioner's comments that the Mercosur agreement could be finalised by summer 2024 have been heavily criticised by the ICMSA.
30 January 2024 News
Farmer protests complicate trade deals
Trade commissioner talks up prospects of Mercosur deal, but there are many obstacles in the way of getting it across the line.
28 January 2024 News