Another record deforestation in Brazil
Phelim O'Neill
Rate of Amazon deforestation continues to increase ahead of Brazil's Presidential election later this year.
14 February 2022 News
Brazil’s beef is better price but poorer quality – Brazilian beef exporter
A Brazilian beef exporter has said that in many international beef markets, Irish and Brazilian beef are not competing directly as they are very different products.
31 January 2022 News
‘We are not telling anyone to cut back’ – Minister McConalogue
Minister McConalogue has said that no farmers will be asked to cut back on production to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.
Will EU forest ambition pass the WTO?
It is a welcome first step by the EU to exclude imports from deforested land but will it withstand a WTO test?
24 November 2021 News
EU to toughen import conditions
The EU looks set to toughen rules for imports to combat deforestation.
17 November 2021 News
EU trade deals move into long grass
Contrasting positions between the EU and UK in trade deal negotiations.
12 November 2021 News
‘No’ to Mercosur trade agreement – Varadkar
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said we “have to do better to be credible” and that we “can’t be giving out about Brazil cutting down rainforests when they have more trees than us”.
5 November 2021 News
Climate targets: politicians have their say
Marian Harkin TD says there is an ‘essential difference between food production and drilling and consuming oil’ and this is a ‘real issue in how emissions are counted’.
3 November 2021 News
No sense in ‘flooding Europe with Brazilian beef’ – McDonald
Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald says that Government’s solution to addressing high carbon emitting “farm intensification” is to make a decision to support family farmers and the suckler herd.
1 November 2021 News
Dairy expansion ‘not a mistake’ – Donohoe
Finance Minister criticises tone and message of Sinn Féin on farm carbon emissions and says it undermines ability to make the case for “all that is positive for transitioning to a low-carbon future”.
1 November 2021 News
‘Complete hypocrisy’ to support Mercosur and tout herd reduction – Carthy
Sinn Féin agriculture spokesperson Matt Carthy described the “complete hypocrisy” of the coalition for supporting the Mercosur trade agreement while simultaneously touting herd reduction here.
31 October 2021 News
Brexit better than feared
The full effects of Brexit are yet to come, as strong farmgate prices mask the impact.
22 September 2021 News