Ask Miriam: 'I am worried about my grandchild's spiritial needs'
Ask Miriam
Miriam recieves a letter from a grandparents concerned her grandchild's spiritual needs are not being addressed by the parents.
11 October 2023 Features
Readers Write: 'My husband is always giving hints about my size'
Miriam responds to a reader who is struggling with feelings of inadequacy regarding her size compared to her sisters-in-law.
4 October 2023 Ask Miriam
Readers write: vacuum cleaner conundrum rumbles on
Reaction to a recent letter regarding the gift of a hoover for a significant birthday rumbles on.
'Start as you mean to go on'
This week, Miriam hears from two readers in response to a recent letter from a reader who was feeling pressure to move in to a granny flat beside her boyfriend's parents.
20 September 2023 Ask Miriam
The Good Room: going to college, cremation and conference news
On this month's episode of The Good Room, the Irish Country Living team shares its college experiences, end-of-life wishes and news on our upcoming Women and Agriculture Conference.
5 September 2023 Features
'My future daughter-in-law is having a vegetarian wedding menu'
Dear Miriam, my son is getting married but his wife-to-be wants a vegetarian wedding menu. What will people think?
12 July 2023 Ask Miriam