I don’t want my daughter to go to Australia
Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants to go travelling in Australia; but I want her to stay at home.
28 December 2022 Ask Miriam
‘I am single and feel so alone’
Dear Miriam, I am struggling with loneliness after the loss of my mother and this time of year can be very hard.
30 November 2022 Ask Miriam
I want to spend Christmas with my own family
Dear Miriam, I want to spend Christmas with my own family, not with my in-laws.
I’m disappointed by the 40th birthday present from my friend
Dear Miriam, I'm disappointed that my friend put no thought into my 40th birthday present.
12 October 2022 Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam: I feel totally invisible
This week, Miriam hears from two readers responding to recent problems published on this page.
3 August 2022 Ask Miriam