Dear Miriam: I feel totally invisible
Ask Miriam
This week, Miriam hears from two readers responding to recent problems published on this page.
20 July 2022 Ask Miriam
How can I get my husband to be passionate?
Dear Miriam, how can I get my husband to be as passionate as my younger lover?
15 June 2022 Ask Miriam
'What starts as a lie, stays a lie'
This week, Miriam hears from a number of readers in relation to a recent dilemma over a christening.
Youth or distance are not protection from war anxiety
Shielding our children from what is happening in Ukraine or from any other issues that are happening that could cause them anxiety is not advised. Writes Amii McKeever
23 March 2022 Features
Dear Miriam: I seem to do all the running in my friendships
Dear Miriam, since COVID-19, none of my friends are that interested in meeting up anymore.
15 March 2022 Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam: You need to stop beating yourself up and acknowledge your own worth
This week, a reader of the Dear Miriam column shares her advice in response to a recent letter.
23 February 2022 Ask Miriam