Minister commits to review Dan Brennan's farm files
Noel Bardon
There is to be a fresh assessment of the case sought by the Minister for Agriculture.
5 July 2024 News
Scope of review critical to any relook of Brennan’s farm case - IFA
The farm came to prominence nationally after its herd saw seemingly unexplained bone deformations which an official investigation claimed were not linked to a local brick factory.
4 July 2024 News
Minister to seek fresh review of Dan Brennan case
The commitment came from the minister in a Dáil debate which heard evidence written by vets who investigated the case in the mid-2000s.
Proposed appeals review panel needs separation from Department - farm orgs
At the pre-legislative scrutiny of the agriculture appeals (amendment) bill 2024, the ICMSA said the proposed independent appeals review panel needs farmer representation.
22 February 2024 News
IFA warns losing derogation would hit climate targets
Leaving dairy farmers at 170kg N/ha could scupper the State's forestry and organics targets, the IFA has told the Oireachtas agriculture committee.
15 February 2024 News
Department TB budget to be kept under review as year goes on
The Minister has explained that although the budget estimate for TB control represents a reduction on 2023's spend, the eradication programme's costs are to be kept under review.
12 February 2024 News