Bord Bia output prices show great promise, but what about profits?
Jack Kennedy
While there is much positivity to be derived from the latest Bord Bia output figures, they must be set in the context of ongoing challenges on farm.
31 December 2022 News
Protests in 2022: pig farmer and egg producer blockades
Pig and poultry farmers protested at a number of locations this year, calling for higher prices due to their crippling input costs.
14 December 2022 Pigs
End to pig farm income ‘horrors’ in 2023 – Teagasc
Pig farms are set to see fortunes somewhat turn in 2023 following a year where they incurred average losses of €422,000.
EU farm output set to stall
The EU’s farms will no longer be on an upward production trend by the end of the decade.
14 December 2022 News
Tackling energy costs on poultry and pig farms
In our latest article on energy efficiency on farms, Stephen Robb and Teagasc’s Barry Caslin discuss the options to tackle energy costs on poultry and pig farms.
Make sure your Christmas ham is Irish Bord Bia QA pork - IFA
The IFA's pigs committee is calling on shoppers to back Irish pig farmers this Christmas.
23 November 2022 Pigs
Malaysian market opens for Irish pigmeat
The Malaysian market of some 33m people consuming on average 17kg of pigmeat annually has opened for the Irish pig sector.
23 November 2022 Pigs
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Updates from Canada, New Zealand, Brazil and UK.
16 November 2022 World
Agriculture is the lifeblood of Cookstown
Cookstown in Co Tyrone is surrounded by high-quality farmland with a huge processing industry which drives almost all commercial activity in the town.
10 November 2022
Pig keepers ‘dumping’ pigs in woods
Some people who went about breeding their own pigs for the freezer during the Covid-19 pandemic are now dumping their animals in woods and on farmland, says an animal rescue.
8 November 2022 Pigs
Agri jobs: stockperson for Cavan piggery
The Irish Farmers Journal has compiled some of the latest roles available in the farm sector this week.
29 October 2022 News
Energy scheme will not cover average pig farm costs
It is not thought that other farming enterprises face the same risk of hitting the state aid ceiling.
26 October 2022 News