Keeping pregnant ewe lambs ticking along nicely
Darren Carty
Research has shown that for pregnant ewe lambs to have the best chance of rearing a lamb, they should be gaining in the region of 80g liveweight during early and mid-pregnancy.
30 January 2024 Management
Scanning time for autumn-calving herds
Suckler farmers running autumn-calving herds should be giving thought to pregnancy scanning.
3 January 2024 Breeding & health
How does the Danish breeding system work?
Aidan Brennan reports on how Viking Genetics, the main breeding company in Denmark selects bulls when so much of the national herd is bred with sexed semen
Scanning time for spring-calving suckler herds
Suckler farmers operating early spring-calving herds should consider scanning animals now to determine which animals are in-calf for next year. Empty cows should be offloaded at the first chance.
12 September 2023 Management
Editorial: how comfortable are you when it comes to making a complaint?
An upsetting experience at A&E reminds Maria Moynihan of the importance of having your voice heard.
6 September 2023 Features