Katherine’s Country: keeping tensions in perspective
Katherine O'Leary
How can farmers handle all the challenges coming at us? We have to consume less and spend less on energy by managing the budget and stretching the resources, writes Katherine O’Leary.
16 February 2022 Features
Agony Uncle: coping with teens now that Dad is away with work again
This week, psychotherapist Enda Murphy answers a query from a reader about coping with her teenage children now that her husband is travelling for work again.
9 February 2022 Living Life
The law of (physical not virtual) attraction
Replacing physical interactions with virtual may have been the COVID-19 norm but now is the time to get out there and mingle, writes Paul Numan.
Dear Miriam: I don’t want to take my fiancée’s name
Dear Miriam, I’m getting married next month and I don’t want to take my fiancée’s name.
15 September 2021 Ask Miriam
Predator and weather fears – a difficult spring for honeybees
Asian hornets pose huge problems for bees and should they establish here, our biodiversity will be under massive pressure, writes Willie O’Byrne.
16 June 2021 Features
Dear Miriam: I feel anxious in crowds
Dear Miriam, since things opened back up again I’m feeling anxious while out in pubs and restaurants
16 June 2021 Ask Miriam
Managing difficult behaviour on boards
Bad behaviour is a frequent problem on boards and we all have war stories etched in our memories. Having a toolkit to deal with it will help maintain a positive board team, writes Karen Brosnan.
9 June 2021 Features
Dealing with sweet itch this summer
Summer can be a stressful time for horses that suffer with sweet itch. Here are some tips to manage this skin disease.
26 May 2021 Breeding
She said I gave her ‘the ick’
Dear Miriam, a girl I was dating told everyone I gave her ‘the ick’ and I’m embarrassed
3 February 2021 Ask Miriam
Top tips to help alleviate anxiety in children
It’s an anxious time for everyone as the pandemic continues, but as adults, how do we alleviate our children’s anxiety? Margaret Hawkins reports
11 November 2020 Health
Surviving ‘toxic’ relationships during lockdown
Psychotherapist Enda Murphy shares his advice on surviving ‘toxic’ relationships during lockdown
8 July 2020 Features
Should I move in with my boyfriend?
Dear Miriam, my work colleague says I need to move in with my boyfriend or else he’s just stringing me along
13 May 2020 Ask Miriam