Mental health: The 10 signs that you might be in a co-dependent relationship
Psychotherapist and director of Enda Murphy explores what makes a co-dependent relationship; and explains the 10 warning signs that you might be in one.
4 May 2022 News
Succession: ‘This is not the time to be talking about the farm after I die!’
Many families will try to avoid argument and conflict but there is a cost involved in this type of conformity particularly when it comes to farm succession, writes Paul Keogh.
2 February 2022 Health
Mental Health: how men express emotions
Psychotherapist Enda Murphy explores how men express emotions, and why many prefer to ‘problem solve’ rather than talk about their feelings.
Katherine O’Leary: a new year, a new season and a new team
The beginning of a new season and a new crop of calves is a magical time on the farm. The right kind of communication will ensure a smooth season, writes Katherine O’Leary.
2 February 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Sex education is more than just ‘the big talk’
Janine Kennedy speaks with social entrepreneur and sex education specialist Jenny Fahy on how parents can support their children through their personal, emotional and physical development.
19 January 2022 Features
Cold comfort – sea swimming to clear your head
Three Dublin sea swimmers explained to Amii McKeever why they swim in the cold waters of Rush North Beach, what brought them together and what keeps them going “not every day but most days".
29 December 2021 Features
The sinister side of athleticism
The Olympic Games brought to light the mental health struggles of some of the athletes and the strain that trying to achieve at that level can put on a person. Writes psychotherapist Enda Murphy
1 September 2021 Health
Dating: loving me, loving you
In part two of our dating series, matchmaker Mairead Loughman discusses dating dos and don’ts, as well as the start of a new relationship.
7 July 2021 Living Life
Managing difficult behaviour on boards
Bad behaviour is a frequent problem on boards and we all have war stories etched in our memories. Having a toolkit to deal with it will help maintain a positive board team, writes Karen Brosnan.
9 June 2021 Features
Dear Miriam: I don’t know how to date after divorce
Dear Miriam, I’m ready to meet someone again after my divorce, but I don’t know how to
12 May 2021 Ask Miriam
My sister-in-law still wants to have her child’s birthday party
Dear Miriam, my sister-in-law still wants to have her child’s birthday party against the regulations
21 October 2020 Ask Miriam
A crowd is not company
Psychotherapist Enda Murphy writes about overcoming loneliness by learning to accept ourselves, just as we are.
2 September 2020 Features