It's important to vote on 8 March
Pat O'Toole
On Friday 8 March, the people of Ireland will vote on two separate constitutional amendments. Here, advocates on each side explain why they are in favour of, or opposed to, each referendum proposal.
7 February 2024 Features
From Dara to dating – expert advice
A new Irish website aims to provide people with expert tips and masterclasses to help them achieve healthier relationships, writes Dee Laffan.
7 February 2024 Features
Love & life... making it work
What’s love got to do with it? Quite a lot when you’re running a business. Three couples tell Irish Country Living how they fuse their partnership and passions, write Sarah McIntosh and Dee Laffan.
Ask Miriam: 'My husband is kind, but can also be very jealous-minded'
A readers seeks out Dear Miriam's advice on an ongoing relationship issue with her jealous husband.
17 January 2024 Features
Ask Miriam reflects on her time at Irish Country Living
Over the years, Miriam has responded to hundreds of readers’ letters as they confided their greatest worries and asked for some heartfelt advice.
27 December 2023 Features
Agri jobs: career progression and the importance of networking
The importance of networking cannot be overlooked in terms of career progression. LinkedIn can be used as a professional tool to develop your professional profile, writes Sarah McIntosh.
26 December 2023 Agri jobs