Speaking up and out about the 'silent treatment'
Psychotherapist Claire Lyons Forde explores the concept of ‘the silent marriage’; and how to change the conversation.
31 August 2022 Features
Making a match with Willie Daly
Renowned matchmaker Willie Daly talks to Anne O’Donoghue about his family’s long tradition in matchmaking, taking love off pause post-COVID and his Lucky Love Book.
10 August 2022 Ask Miriam
My friend makes no effort since I moved to the farm
Dear Miriam, my best friend makes no effort to see me since I moved to the farm
Mental health: how to spot a liar
Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of, explores why we all lie; and how to spot the liar.
29 June 2022 Features
91% of those surveyed feed farm contractors, but why?
In a letter to the editor, a reader sparked a debate about providing meals for contractors, and we decided to dig deeper, and get a sense of the national outlook. Here's what the public had to say.
22 June 2022 News