Agri Careers: National Youth Food Forum - mobilising young people
Sarah McIntosh
The National Youth Food Forum is providing a platform for young people to express their opinions on issues and opportunities surrounding the future of Ireland’s food system, writes Sarah McIntosh.
13 April 2024 News
TUS named Ireland's first ADHD friendly University
Technological University of Shannon (TUS), has been certified by ADHD Ireland as a university that’s inclusive of neurodiversity, writes Sarah McIntosh
10 April 2024 Careers
Agri Careers: pathways into working in Ireland's healthcare system
With an acute shortage of carers and healthcare professionals across Ireland, there has never been such a need to attract and retain talent in the sector, writes Sarah McIntosh.
Providing students with the relevant skills needed in today’s workforce
FET Skills Box will help up to 500,000 students across the country access new supports that will help raise awareness around the diverse career choices through FET, writes Sarah McIntosh.
6 April 2024 News
Agri Careers: business smart, carbon smart
From products that protect grain and feed, to technologies that optimise feed mill efficiency, Adesco is a family business focused on enhancing sustainable food production, writes Sarah McIntosh.
27 March 2024 Careers
Agri Careers: 21% decline in students selecting agriculture on their CAO
The Central Applications Office has released its 2024 application data, revealing a 21% decline in the number of students selecting agriculture as their first preferences, writes Sarah McIntosh.
20 March 2024 Careers
AgTech, an emerging sector for employment
Advancements in Agtech and new innovations has led to increased efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the sector. Sarah McIntosh speaks to three experts on employment opportunities.
20 March 2024 Careers
Carol Nolan hits out at lack of farming terms in new climate subject for schools
The draft specification for Leaving Certificate climate action and sustainable development has been criticised by the TD for not referencing ‘farm', 'farmer’ or ‘farming', writes Sarah McIntosh.
14 March 2024 News
Agri Careers: the entrepreneur behind the St Patrick's Festival
From starting his own marketing company to organizing the St Patrick’s Day parade, Richard Tierney is at the helm of the biggest national Festival, writes Sarah McIntosh.
13 March 2024 Careers
CAFRE to host information evening on apprenticeships
The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise is hosting an information evening on apprenticeships and courses for part-time agricultural course, writes Sarah McIntosh.
9 March 2024 News
Job well done for Dunshaughlin Community College
Students from Dunshaughlin Community College in Co Meath have won the 2024 Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition for their data-led sustainability approach when rearing Angus calves.
6 March 2024 Pedigree
Agri Careers: ‘the Farm Walk and Talk will help us in the actual exam’
Tullamore Farm and Agri Aware hosted more than 300 students last week for a practical day of learning, writes Sarah McIntosh.
6 March 2024 Education