Ready-mix costs increase by 46.6% over three-year period
Martin Merrick
CSO figures show that while structural steel and timber costs are down, ready-mix, gravel and cement have all increased again this year.
5 March 2024 Buildings
Rubber mats fall foul of VAT reclaim change
The farmer in question had bought the mats two year prior, but had waited to submit their VAT reclaim.
21 February 2024 Management
Weighing weanlings, conserving straw and keeping cows clean at calving
In this week's beef management notes, Adam Woods takes a look at weighing weanlings, conserving straw supplies and keeping cows clean at calving.
174ha of agricultural construction receives planning permission
The third quarter of 2023 has seen planning permissions granted rise by 37% when compared with the same period last year.
9 December 2023 News
Teemore to debut VR farm building headset
The headset will allow farmers to virtually walk around the shed before kitting out is completed.
5 December 2023 Buildings
IFJ Junior: what is TAMS and how does it work?
TAMS is a popular grant scheme for farmers to improve their farm facilities. Martin Merrick outlines the ins and outs of what TAMS is and how you can apply.
2 December 2023 Buildings