Climate and environment
Beneficial changes are being accelerated by policy
Andy Doyle
While tillage farming is increasingly accepted as being best in class on emissions, there is always more that can be done as profitability can run parallel to sustainability.
6 April 2022 Farm machinery
Turning a new sod: Ireland’s largest plough in action
Peter Thomas Keaveney travelled to south Tipperary to catch up with a 12-furrow Kverneland PW wagon plough in action, Ireland’s largest plough.
Department needs to plan now for fodder from catch crops
The Fodder Production Incentive Measure 2018 supplied a lot of fodder following a year of drought.
My Farming Week: John Murphy, Garryroe, Ardfinnan, Co Tipperary
John Murphy is the winner of the 2021 Dairygold Malting Barley Competition. He was the Tipperary finalist.
15 March 2022 News
Feeding plants with more than N, P and K is essential
Robbie Byrne of Precision Nutrition talked through some of the major and minor elements needed for crop growth.
2 March 2022 Soils
Slurry converted to units, what next?
After slurry testing and calculating how much nutrients have been applied, what is the next step in fertiliser savings on-farm?
23 February 2022 Footprint Farmers
Degrading soils hit farm production and business profits
Production variability on degrading land caused by extreme weather has been found to impact on the profitability of businesses further up the supply chain.
21 February 2022 Soils
Spreading by satellite: how GPS-controlled fertiliser spreaders work
With GPS-controlled fertiliser spreaders covered under TAMS until the end of 2022, Francis Quigley, Teagasc machinery specialist, looks at how they work and the grant aid available.
9 February 2022 Farm machinery
Bigger boots help spread the load
Fitting flotation tyres to trailers and implements helps to reduce soil compaction. Peter Thomas Keaveney follows a 20ft Kane silage trailer through such a retrofit and outlines the points to note.
26 January 2022 Farm machinery
Valuing organic manures and improving efficiency
How do organic manures stack up on nutrient content and which product suits your farm?
19 January 2022 Soils
Bringing life to the countryside brings the countryside to life
This month the Lighthouse Farms team articulate the journey taken by two Spanish farmers to bring not just a farm but an area back to life by putting life back into the soil, writes Rogier Schulte
19 January 2022 Soils
How to prepare your farm nutrient records
Doing your own farm nutrient records is a big task but it is also a very worthwhile exercise, write Andy Doyle and Siobhán Walsh.
12 January 2022 Soils