Straw is valuable…don’t undervalue it
Siobhán Walsh
Make sure that you are putting a proper value on your straw this harvest. If its seen as a hassle the chopper should be turned on.
9 August 2023 Farm machinery
Tips to keep the wheels turning this harvest
Prolonged rain over the past month has led to soft ground conditions and trafficability issues in many parts of the country. Gary Abbott looks at ways to help alleviate the challenges associated.
9 August 2023 Soils
Straw incorporation: some top tips
Straw incorporation is relatively new for many farmers. Here is some advice from Neil Fuller who attended the recent Seedtech open day.
What you need to know if planting catch crops under ACRES
Here is an outline of the requirement for catch crops when planting these crops under the ACRES scheme.
19 July 2023 Soils
A reminder of the stubble cultivation rules for 2023
Tillage farmers are required to cultivate stubbles after harvest to create a green cover and take up nitrates from the soil.
31 May 2023 Nitrates