Carthy brings beef to the ICMSA agm
Pat O'Toole
Despite Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil being present at the ICMSA agm, it was the Green Party who farmers focused their frustrations on.
7 December 2022 News
Lack of economic impact assessment is reckless and irresponsible
Adam Woods takes a look at last week’s Food Vision Beef and Sheep report and what it means for suckler farmers.
4 December 2022 News
Suckler exit scheme: what has been proposed?
Caitríona Morrissey takes a closer look at the details of the Food Vision beef and sheep report, published this week.
Nine key measures for beef sector to cut emissions in Food Vision report
The final Food Vision beef and sheep report has been sent to the Minister for Agriculture, with farm organisations reserving their positions on the report.
30 November 2022 News
Sucklers vital to rural Ireland’s ‘economic wellbeing’ - INHFA
The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association says there are no realistic alternatives to suckler farming in many parts of the country.
27 October 2022 News
Newford Farm update: first 20 heifers drafted for slaughter
The heifers were drafted off grass and achieved an average carcase weight of 290kg at an average of 17.5 months of age.
14 August 2022 Newford Farm
Consumers have ‘no problem’ paying more for organic beef - Dutch butcher
With targets to triple Ireland’s organically farmed area by 2027, the Irish Farmers Journal spoke with a butcher in Amsterdam selling only organic meat to find what is driving consumers to organics.
25 July 2022 News
BEEF 2022: high stocking rate still key to profit
Adam Woods takes a look at some of the key messages from the main stands and asks some questions around the themes on the day.
6 July 2022 Management
Teagasc Grange open day: welcome to BEEF 2022
A welcome message from Professor Frank O’Mara as he outlines the key objectives of BEEF 2022 supporting sustainable beef farming.
29 June 2022 News