Farmer suicide rate far higher than average - HSE
Declan O’Brien
The study found that farmers over 65 were twice as likely to die by suicide than those outside the sector.
26 June 2024 News
Better understanding of causes of farmer suicide is key – Teagasc
The total number of farmers dying by suicide is following the same pattern as the overall population, according to Teagasc researcher Dr David Meredith.
19 June 2024 News
Suicide three times higher among older farmers than non-farming counterparts
A study carried out by Teagasc and UCD researchers aimed to estimate farmer suicide rates in Ireland between the years 2007 and 2020.
One in four farmers face risk of burnout - Teagasc
A recent Teagasc study provides insights into the relationship between stress and wellbeing among farmers.
18 June 2024 News
Weather triggers serious farmer mental health concerns
The general consensus in the agricultural sector is that the mood among farmers is on the floor.
29 May 2024 Feature
Suicide prevention event for Clare farmers
Farmers in Clare are being encouraged to attend a suicide prevention night on Tuesday 16 April.
10 April 2024 News
Farmers asked to complete study on mental health
Research is being undertaken to understand the range of factors impacting on farmers’ mental health by UCD.
10 March 2024 News