Ireland and sustainable agriculture
Phelim O'Neill
Despite having one of the most sustainable agriculture systems in the world, Irish farmers will have to reduce emissions irrespctive of implications for output.
9 August 2023 Dealer
Tirlán's 'oat-standing' cheese
Tirlan's vegan cheese won a major prize at the International Cheese and Dairy awards last month. It might be cheese, but it sure ain't dairy.
McPlant ‘holding its own’ on McDonald’s menu
McDonald’s senior vice president Beth Hart addressed an Ulster Bank event at Balmoral Show.
More beef will be eaten in 2050 - ABP
ABP argues that while some people may eat less beef in future, those in developing countries will be able to afford more beef in general, increasing overall demand.
29 April 2023 News
Questions over study linking red meat consumption to ill-health
A study published by The Lancet that linked the consumption of unprocessed red meat to ill-health is now being questioned by experts.
12 April 2023 Dealer
Tirlán customers looking for plant offerings - Bergin
Dairy leaders have suggested that planted-based and traditional dairy product offerings go hand in hand.
12 April 2023 News
Research: 84% of consumers seeking a sustainable diet
A survey of 1,000 Irish adults suggests more people are moving to a sustainable diet, but that there is confusion around what the term plant-based means.
28 March 2023 News