Northern Ireland
Grants for tree planting on NI farmland
Peter McCann
Two grants for establishing woodland are open for applications in Northern Ireland. Peter McCann reports.
13 June 2022 News
Cattle and sheep must not be taken off the hills – IFA
IFA hill chair Caillín Conneely has warned of social, economic and wildfire implications of any moves to take cattle and sheep down off hill land.
Thrive: time for clostridial vaccine booster
The second dose of the clostridial vaccination is where the majority of immunity will come from and should be given one month after the initial dose.
Opinion: An Bord Pleanála needs to look at the Larch Hill Farm case
An Bord Pleanála’s internal review really needs to examine the circumstances around the Cleary family’s struggle to regain a licence for their green waste composting enterprise.
28 May 2022 Opinion
Reducing catch crop bulk for planting
Any remaining catch crops many need to have their bulk reduced ahead of the establishment of the next crop.
23 February 2022 Husbandry
Managing our hills – ‘the secret is grazing’
Farmers who manage our hills are delivering a wide range of public goods.
16 February 2022 News
Warning on illegal hedge-cutting
The NPWS is encouraging members of the public to report cases of illegal hedge-cutting.
25 January 2022 News
Tipperary has highest level of hedge-cutting prosecutions
Just six counties have shared over half of all illegal hedgecutting prosecutions between them since 2011.
23 January 2022 News
Bringing life to the countryside brings the countryside to life
This month the Lighthouse Farms team articulate the journey taken by two Spanish farmers to bring not just a farm but an area back to life by putting life back into the soil, writes Rogier Schulte
19 January 2022 Soils
Tillage Management: frost could be used to knock excess catch crop vegetation
This is still very much the dormant period for tillage farming but there may be an occasional job still to be done in some crops or fields
5 January 2022 Husbandry
Cerrado clearance in Brazil
The Cerrado is less high profile than the Amazon rainforest but still an area of significant natural vegetation that is being cleared.
5 January 2022 News