Volatility insurance needed to protect cereal growers - Dempsey
Declan O’Brien
The massive increase in cereal exports from Russia and Brazil has fundamentally altered the global supply situation.
24 October 2023 News
Lakeland Dairies launches fixed milk price of up to 39c/l
Farmers supplying to Lakeland Dairies are being asked to examine the merits of entering the co-op’s new voluntary fixed milk scheme.
22 October 2023 News
Record Australian beef prices reported in 2022
Australia's herd and flock rebuild in 2022 meant scarcity of factory supplies and high farm gate prices, but it is the opposite this year.
Teagasc looking to reduce income volatility for pig farmers
The authority is in discussions with the NTMA and the Department of Agriculture on possible measures which could reduce large swings in pig farmers’ income.
18 October 2023 News
Financial issues dominate Rural Support survey
The survey was completed by 460 people, of which 67% were full-time farmers
20 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Opinion: Russian turmoil could spell trouble for farm commodities
While it seems that the possible coup against Russia led by the Wagner private army has halted for now, it's impossible to predict what will happen next, or how it could affect farmers
24 June 2023 Opinion
Caution against giveaway budget
Colm McCarthy - loose budgets in the bubble period up to 2008 were made to look prudent by booming revenues from stamp duty and ministers were able to proclaim prudence on delivery.
14 June 2023 Viewpoints