Health special: screening tests that could save your life
Margaret Hawkins
Screening tests can catch a health condition even before it starts causing symptoms. Here are the top preventive measures for women, writes Margaret Hawkins.
3 April 2024 Health
Healthbytes: keep informed with the latest health news
Check out all the developments in the world of healthcare with this month’s Healthbytes, writes Margaret Hawkins.
3 April 2024 Ask Miriam
Ask Miriam: ‘since my wife had surgery, I feel my life is on hold’
A reader reaches out to Miriam about his wife receiving cancer surgery and feeling near burnout.
Creating hope and headwear for hairloss
Following her sister’s cancer diagnosis, retired banker Ursula Hanley turned her sewing hobby into a business to make a real difference to those living with hairloss, writes Claire Murrihy.
31 January 2024 Fashion
Asbestos: ‘for farmers, the risk is in old machinery and older buildings
The use of asbestos as an insulator and fireproofing product was banned in 1999, but the fibrous mineral can still pose a serious cancer risk, writes Margaret Hawkins.
6 December 2023 Health