Changes to native woodland schemes
Donal Magner
Circular amends planting mixtures of indigenous tree species for the current planting. Donal Magner reports.
24 January 2022 Crops
Spring oilseed should be considered for 2022
Even if fertiliser price was not an issues this spring, there are sound financial reasons for considering spring oilseed rape at planting time
31 December 2021 Management
Soil testing crucial for farmers this spring
With the surge in fertiliser prices, can any farmer afford not to test soils this spring?
Boron: a complex nutrient and difficult to unravel
Boron has long been associated with crops like beet and brassicas and it is important for all crops but at different levels.
13 December 2021 Crops
Tillage management: watch for pests and assess weed control
With the vast majority of crops now emerged, the focus must move to continued crop protection.
24 November 2021 Husbandry
Tillage Management: planting and field work opportunities continue
Good weather conditions continue to provide planting opportunities despite recent rain.
10 November 2021 Husbandry
Beef management: autumn liming to drive spring grass growth
Liming in autumn will correct soil pH over winter and boost grass growth next spring.
28 September 2021 Grass & feeding
Grass+: hitting peak average grass cover on farms
John Crowe and Declan Marren discuss peak average farm cover targets and spreading lime and potash.
15 September 2021 Grass & feeding
Taking an eggstraordinary approach to liming soils
Co Tyrone farmer, Dessie McCarroll, has diversified into making a new liming product using waste egg shells which has twice the calcium content of ground limestone and produced using green energy.
Programme drives production in the hills
Andy Duffus talks to John Sleigh about his experiance with the Farm Profit Programme
7 April 2021 Scotland
Tillage Management: hopefully we will be back to sowing again shortly
As we move into the second half of March, it is even more important to have good seedbed conditions along with fertiliser in the seedbed.
17 March 2021 Husbandry
Liming programme details for farmers exceeding 170kg /ha organic nitrogen
The liming programme is a new requirement for farmers availing of a nitrates derogation and those remaining outside of derogation by means of exporting slurry.
12 March 2021 Schemes