According to Trioliet, manufacturer of the largest range of diet feeders in the world, such costs can easily be avoided.

It is recommended to check the knives each month and, depending on the number of operating hours, how much fibre is in the feed, etc, they should at least be replaced every one to two years.

Trioliet has listed the five most important reasons why you should check the auger knives in your mixer wagon regularly.

1. Sharp knives ensure a better mixture

If the feed is not cut well, it is harder to achieve a well-balanced mixture, making it more difficult for cows to select their feed.

This means that not every cow may get the nutrition it needs.

In turn, this has a negative effect on the animals' health and, ultimately, their milk production.

2. Sharp auger knives save fuel

It is difficult to cut things properly with a blunt, worn knife. If the knives are blunt, an unnecessary amount of power is drawn from the tractor and it takes longer to cut the feed into well-mixed rations.

This is why it is definitely worth taking the time to inspect the knives regularly and replace them where required.

3. Hardware disease may arise from damaged knives

Damaged auger knives may cause hardware disease.

Loose metal parts may end up in feed and present serious health risks.

This is why you should regularly check (preferably every month) that the knives do not show any signs of cracks.

It is also a good idea to place magnets in the mixer feeder wagons to filter metal out of the feed.

4. Sharp knives significantly reduce mixing times

The cutting action is better if the auger knives are in good condition.

Worn or blunt knives cut less effectively, meaning it takes longer for the feed to be cut to the right length and mixed properly.

5. Less wear and tear on the auger and mixing tub

Sharp auger knives cut better and quicker, making it easier for the feed to be transported and mixed.

If the knives are worn and cannot cut the feed properly, feed may build up between the auger and the wall.

As a result, the mixing tub and the augers could suffer more wear and tear.

In addition, shorter mixing times with sharp auger knives mean that the mixer wagon will not show signs of wear so soon.

It’s also important that the right knives are fitted in the correct positions in order to be able to cut certain types of forage properly.

By way of example, processing round bales requires long knives instead of short ones in certain positions.

Therefore, you should check whether the knives in the diet feeder are suited to the type of forage.

In this video we explain the best positions in which to install the knives.

Self-sharpening Trioform auger knives

Trioform auger knives from Trioliet are unique in shape, meaning they remain sharp for a relatively long time.

The blade in these knives is through-tempered on the upper side and not on the lower side.

As a result, the friction of the feed on the lower side ensures the knives are sharpened during each mixing process.

Furthermore, the Trioform knives are installed horizontally, enabling the feed to be cut optimally and with the least resistance at all times.

More information about self-sharpening Trioform auger knives.

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