The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine released its winter oilseed rape recommended list for 2022 this week.

One variety has been upgraded to the fully recommended list, while two varieties, namely Anastasia and Aquila, have been dropped and two are provisionally recommended.

DK Expansion was upgraded to fully recommended and is now the only fully recommended variety on the list. The hybrid variety has a relative yield of 109 and an oil content of 102, both of which are the highest on the list.

Its plant height is 145cm and has a lodging resistance of 8. This is the same across all of the varieties. It has a light leaf spot resistance score of 7.

Ambassador and Aurelia are now provisionally recommended. They rate at 106 and 108 for relative yield respectively.

All three varieties on the recommended list are hybrid varieties and rate the same for early vigour, lodging resistance, stem stiffness and earliness of maturity.

On plant height, Ambassador is at 135cm and Aurelia is at 138cm.

Break crop

Farmers are now planning their rotation for the season ahead and oilseed rape is a great break crop option, carrying good prices at present.

Remember, planting decisions made now will apply in CAP 2023, so if you’re thinking of applying for the eco scheme measure on crop rotation, break crops will need to take up 20% of your cropping area. This will take careful management, particularly where brassica cover crops are grown.

Bear in mind that these schemes are yet to be fully finalised.