The 2022 recommended lists for winter cereals contain two new barley varieties and one new wheat variety.

The lists published this week saw KWS Joyau and KWS Tardis added to the winter barley list, while Spearhead is the new winter wheat variety added.

The winter barley list contains 10 varieties in total with seven fully recommended and three, including the two new ones, provisionally recommended.

KWS Joyau (103) is a six-row variety which claims to have BYDV tolerance while KWS Tardis (105) is a two-row variety with very high yield potential.

Spearhead is added to the six winter wheat varieties previously recommended. It has very high yield potential (104) and straw characteristics similar to SY Insitor.

The winter oat list contains three varieties – Barra (96), Husky (104) and Isabel (103). The main changes see the removal of Delfin, Keely and RGT Southwark which are no longer on the recommended list.