Tillage management: winter crops will need fertiliser once weather suits
Siobhán Walsh
Tillage farmers have a busy time ahead once weather dries out with fertiliser and sprays due on winter crops, aside from any spring work.
11 February 2024 News
Sulphur, seaweed and potash topping trials at Drummonds
The Drummonds trial site is a great resource for the company’s agronomists and customers to base their advice on.
31 January 2024 News
Irish grain has much lower carbon footprint than South American maize
This is good news for Irish tillage farmers, who should be able to calculate the carbon footprint of their grain.
An even crop is more important than a good plant count
Farmers should carry out plant counts, but also look at ground conditions, evenness and plant health.
30 January 2024 News
Seed shortage update - keep planting winter wheat
The Irish Seed Trade Association has secured a derogation for Irish seed, but seed is still short and Teagasc is advising growers to continue to plant winter wheat.
17 January 2024 News
Department issues recommended lists amidst seed shortage
There is a spring seed shortage at present and a number of organisations are working together to alleviate the problem.
17 January 2024 News
Growers warned of spring seed shortage
Seed merchants are warning farmers looking for seed to grow spring cereals, to enquire early about availability.
17 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Teagasc warns of 'unprecedented' seed shortage
Teagasc is urging growers to continue to plant winter wheat as the country faces an unprecedented spring seed shortage.
27 December 2023 News
Where did tillage incomes finish in 2023?
There was a big difference in how tillage farms performed in 2023, with some returning a negative margin and others returning a profit.
23 December 2023 News
Grain Trends: soya drops back, French wheat area down
Grain markets continue steady for the most part. Oilseed rape prices took a hit this week.
13 December 2023 Markets
Teagasc estimates winter cropping is down over 35,000ha
The cropping area has taken a big hit this year, as weather prevented many winter crops from being planted.
12 December 2023 News
Average loss of €5,000 where winter crops not planted
Dr Fiona Thorne gave a rundown on tillage farm incomes at the Irish Tillage and Land Use Society’s winter conference.
10 December 2023 News