Numerous farmers near Stoke-on-Trent, England, were told that their milk could not be collected due to a lack of drivers.

The incident happened on Saturday 4 September and according to local farmer Minda Critchlow, the milk has been collected every day since.

“It was just last Saturday that our milk had to be dumped due to a driver shortage. The milk has been collected every day since,” she said.

“We will be compensated by the dairy we supply,” she added.

On Saturday afternoon, Critchlow put out an appeal on Facebook for people to come and avail of the free milk before she had to dump it.

Another Facebook user Sue Gould commented: “For those of you who don’t think the driver shortage is affecting anything. A whole days milk down the drain, because there’s nobody to collect it.

“When you think of how much has gone into producing it, it’s sickening.

“Yes, apparently we’re getting compensation, but that doesn’t make it any better in my eyes,” she protested.