The United States Department of Agriculture reported on 7 November that 87% of the corn (maize) crop had been harvested as of 6 November. This is 11% above the five-year average for the time of year.

Harvesting was 100% complete in Texas, while only 55% of corn was harvested in Wisconsin. Ohio is a big corn-producing state and the harvest was 75% complete there, while 88% of the harvest was complete in Illinois.

Some 62% of cotton was harvested on 6 November and 100% of the cotton harvest was complete in Texas.

Meanwhile, 94% of the soybean (soya bean in Ireland) harvest was complete on 6 November. This is 8% ahead of the five-year average, with 100% of the harvest complete in North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Louisiana.

Some 92% of winter wheat is now estimated to be planted and 73% is emerged, while 36% is reported to be in fair condition, 25% in good condition and 19% in poor condition. Only 5% was reported to be in excellent condition, while 15% was reported to be in very poor condition.

Just 2% of soils were reported to have surplus moisture in the topsoil, while 40% of soils are estimated to have adequate moisture, 36% of soils were short on moisture and 22% of soils were very short on moisture in the top soil.