The Department of Agriculture is to reduce the VAT rate on non-oral vaccines, such as pour-ons, from 23% to 0%, a move which the Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) has said could result in savings of over €10m/annum for farmers.

IFA animal health chair TJ Maher said the objective to provide the reduction from 2024 is the first time a target date has been set and that it is important this objective is delivered on.

Oral vaccines for animals are currently VAT-free. However, injectable vaccines and pour-ons carry a 23% VAT rate.

In its pre-budget submission last year, the IFA called on the Government for no VAT to apply to all vaccines.


This would reduce the cost for farmers and the IFA said would provide some of the tools necessary to reduce dependence on antibiotics on farms.

Maher said the entire agri-food sector and the general economy benefit from the efforts and investments made by farmers to continue improving the health status of the national herd should be applauded.


“The Government must support the commitment of farmers by providing direct and indirect resources to help farmers continue to invest in the health status of the national herd, while also protecting farmers from unnecessary bureaucracy and controls,” he said.

Maher added that progress on the VAT rate on vaccines is an important first step, which must advance to implementation and be built on to support farmers as they continue to raise the health status of the national herd and reduce the need for antibiotics on farms.