Some 250 Suffolk sheep have made the trip from Ardee, Co Louth, to a farm in Uzbekistan, where they will be used for pedigree breeding.

It was made up of 240 ewes and 10 rams which travelled over 6,000km to reach their final destination.

Tom Bashford of Global Livestock Ltd was behind putting the flock together and sending it to Uzbekistan and told the Irish Farmers Journal that all the sheep had arrived safely.

The sheep travelled over 6,000km from Louth to Uzbekistan.

He said that it had been a 10-day journey, with four 24-hour full rest days interspersed throughout the trip for the sheep in France, Poland and Russia.

The sheep came from all over Ireland, but left from Ardee.

“I would like to say a special thanks to the vets in the Department of Agriculture who helped to get this over the line,” Bashford said.